SuraPaper is part of SuraPack Group, and its main objective of it is to provide you with needed paper for your packaging machines, focusing on quality and service.

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Who Are We?


A part of the SuraPack group, with SuraPack, SuraMachines, and SuraPaper active in paper packaging products since 1992…

In SuraPaper we provide different kinds of papers and GSM (grammage),
including Bristol papers, Kraft Papers, and White papers.

How can we help you?

Packaging Paper

We are a provider of all kinds of packaging paper, Bristol, Kraft… to feed your machines, we understand very well your neeed

Paper Printing

We provide printed, Customised paper depending on your design and quani\tity with respecting quality and delivery time.

Ready for your Machine

If you have a cups machine, we can provide a Sumi finished product, A paper ready to use directly in your machines.

We have experts to help you. Call us.

Paper Possibilities

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Surapaper costumer services

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